A Word About Satire versus Caricature

Last week The New Yorker Magazine  published a cover depicting Barack and Michelle Obama as Radical Islamic Militant types.  The magazine, generally known for its “liberal” views claims they were “making fun of the people who believe the Obamas would be similar to the magazine’s depiction of them.”

The problem with THAT theory is that there was no one on the cover “viewing” the Obamas in that light.  There was no one looking at a computer screen with the controversial magazine cover image.  There was no Fox News image showing THAT image in the background.

Satire is defined as: “…a literary technique that attacks foolishness by making fun of it. Most good satires work through a “fiction” that is clearly transparent. “

I am not sure just how transparent the New Yorker magazine cover was.  I think it was more of a caricature, becuase the audience in which The New Yorker Magazine cover intended to satirize was NOT featured in the satire.

NOW we come to South Caroline State Senator Kevin Bryant.  This is a State Senator who claims HIS depiction of Obama/Osama is strictly FUNNY and meant as humor.  This state senator is on vacation at a religious camp teaching young Americans how to be good Christians.  My question Mr. Bryant, is THIS how you teach those children to treat people who do not look like them?  Hmmm…WWJD?


~ by kstreet67 on July 22, 2008.

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