Michael Reagan Is A Dispicable Wing Nut

Last night while listening to a podcast of the Mike Malloy Show, Malloy played a radio clip of something Reagan said.   Reagan is the step-son of Ronald Reagan.  What I heard shocked me into a reality that is rather scarey. 

Play the audio clip here.   Where is the FCC on something like this?   They don’t care.

I am in agreement with Malloy when he asks what has this country come to?  For the last twenty or so years, the right wing radio circuit has had carte blanche to say and do whatever they want with impunity.  

Thats why it so many people flock to a “change” candidate.  You know its time for change when a majority of Republican voters have registered as Democrats or Independents.

More on  Right Wing-Nut Radio in future posts.


~ by kstreet67 on June 17, 2008.

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