Army Spreads Partisan Attacks Against Obama

Phillip carter of The Washington Post

Army Shows Its Colors


The Army’s public affairs office publishes a daily roundup of Army-related news called “Stand To” — named for the set of procedures combat units do just prior to dawn, when they go to full alert for a possible enemy attack. The daily wrapup contains links to mainstream media articles, Army press releases, foreign media stories and blogs. It’s similar to the Defense Department’s Early Bird — but much briefer, and obviously more focused on the Army.

Tuesday’s edition contained an entry under “WHAT’S BEING SAID IN BLOGS” that struck me as unusual — both for its headline and its patent political bias:

Obama: World peace thru surrender (KDIHH)

The link goes to a milblog called “Knee Deep in the Hooah.” The author is a former Army officer whose son is serving in Iraq now. After citing a column on some curious Pentagon planning for an Obama administration, he goes on to write:

Roger that Redleg six, throwing away all ammo now and preparing to surrender … Redleg five, out.

After all, what better time to surrender than when we are winning? The article cited above also includes a Youtube link so that you can see the end for yourself in the end makers own words. Sure. This is all old news for those of us who care. But it still ticks me off anyway. So I thought to myself,”Why not share the wealth?” Now I can be ticked off in good company. Enjoy.

Mr.Hooah!, out.   More>>>


~ by kstreet67 on June 12, 2008.

One Response to “Army Spreads Partisan Attacks Against Obama”

  1. I thought this was especially low, considering it’s the Armed Forces…

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