First Black Presidential Nominee From a Major Party

Tonight, we witnessed history.  Barack Hussein Obama became the first African American candidate to become the Presidential nominee for either of the two major parties.   If you were not watching television, or listening on the radio, you are STILL a witness to history in the making because you live in these times.

As Obama said in his speech tonight, there are still obstacles to overcome during the upcoming campaign.  Yet his message in his speech tonight was one of unity and recapturing the America of the past, when we stood out in the world and stood up for what was right.

Of course the question now is, will Hillary be on the ticket as his VP choice?  Personally, Hillary’s self serving speech this evening, culminating with a message that she has not decided what she will do, pissed me off.  How dare this drama queen think that Obama needs to genuflect and kiss HER ring and make things the way SHE wants them to be.  Obama is now the power of the Democratic party.  The Clintons have to, reluctantly no doubt, turn the reins of power over to the “new kid on the block”.


~ by kstreet67 on June 4, 2008.

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