In Defense of Michelle Obama

I have posted a few comments regarding the so-called “Whitey Tape” that Larry C. Johnson claims exist in various forums.  Here is my take on the issue:

I believe, as I have said in the past weeks that the tape does not exist. IF it did, Hillary would have used it. Having said that, if they try to doctor a tape from some speaking engagement they will be exposed. My premise has always been that no African American (although someone wrote here that hip hop artists do) has used the term “whitey” since Huey P. Newton and the Black Panthers. It was NOT an acceptable term by the mainstream Black population back then  and its certainly obsolete and archaic now.

I remember going on a You Tube site that generated a lot of racial divide in terms of its content.  There were times when a few racists who would come in and not only spew hateful words but they would try to talk in what the percieved to be “Black Dialect”.  It was actually hilarious. I don’t know how many times I had to tell them that they sounded like something out of ‘Gone With The Wind’.

The point is this: during their attempt at the emulating so-called ‘Black Dialect’, they used the term ‘whitey’ a lot.

I submit to all of you that the only people who use that term are white fear mongers alleging that some Black had said those words.  Not unlike the Larry C. Johnson “whitey video” fiasco.

Johnson is an avid supporter of Hillary Clinton.  If he truly had access to such a tape, it would have been out before now. 

I cannot fathom Michelle Obama using that kind of language period.  An educated attorney, who’s husband is in the public eye and under scrutiny constantly is not such a fool as to risk everything over such a faux pas.  I’m not buying it.


~ by kstreet67 on June 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “In Defense of Michelle Obama”

  1. Dead straight, madam. There is no way that Ms. Obama sat in front of an audience and railed against “whitey.” In fact, no one would use that term except in parody of how white people imagine African Americans talk about them.

    I’ve never even heard the term used sincerely in hip hop (but I could well be missing something).

  2. I don’t believe it and yes the Clinton’s would have used that if there were a tape.

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