Could THIS be Hillary’s Plan?

Rachel Maddow is one of my favorite Air America Radio Talk personalities.  Yesterday on her show she made an analysis about Hillary Clinton’s determination to STAY in the race. 

This is Rachel’s assessment about Hillary’s motives for staying in the race:
1. She does NOT want a resolution to the Fla. and Michigan debaucle.
2.  A resolution for Florida and Michigan would spoil her plans. 

3. She knows that if the Florida and Michigan conflict is NOT resolved it will have to be resolved at the convention.  That is her stratergy.
4,  She is counting on something being revealed about Obama within those three months from the last primary in June, til the convention in August.
5.  Obama has offered to give her MORE than half the delegates of both states.  She has not accepted.

Rachel says that a remedy or counter plan would be for the SUPER DELEGATES to start throwing their support to Obama, en masse.
Here’s  Rachel’s website. 


Huffington Post  reports that Hillary has asked: Why Would I Drop Out Now?  My Husband did not wrap up the nomination until June…Bobby Kennedy was Assassinated in June.   What is she talking about???



~ by kstreet67 on May 23, 2008.

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