Senator Ted Kennedy

Senator Ted Kennedy has serve EIGHT full terms as a United States Senator.  The only other living Senator who has served longer is Senator Robert Byrd.  Reaction to the news of the Senator’s brain tumor were documented here

Senator Kennedy at a hearing

It was fitting that once Ted Kennedy came home from the hospital today that he went sailing at the Kennedy Family Compound in Hyanisport, MA.  I hear he is even talking about entering a sailboat race in two weeks.  I have no doubt that this VERY active Senator will do all that he can to participate in that race.

Senator we wish you and your family all the best.




~ by kstreet67 on May 22, 2008.

8 Responses to “Senator Ted Kennedy”

  1. Sending my well wishes to the good Senator.

    Good luck on your new blogging adventure K.

  2. Kay Street-

    So proud of your new venture. We hope you find it a great success and a wonderful window for you to express yourself.

    We will visit often and would like to link to you if you don’t mind.

    Best regards-

    Mitch and Nan

  3. Thank you guys!

  4. Very tastefully done KayStreet!

  5. Sheila…

    Good work. You know how near and dear Ted Kennedy is to me, obviously, living in MA. That family has had such grief. They had lots of money, but lots of sadness, yet never ever have you seen another bunch work so hard for people less fortunate.

  6. Your blog looks great KStreet.

    In case anyone reading doesn’t know, a message can be sent to Sen. Kennedy, and hand delivered by John Kerry at:

    Much luck with your blog,


  7. I am NOT glad he has cancer. But the senator is a grown man.
    I wish he had had as much empathy for helpless 7, 8, and 9 month-old babies-in-the-womb:
    In 1995, Sen. Ted Kennedy voted ‘nay’ on the first bill to outlaw partial-birth abortion, wherein a gestating baby’s head is pierced from the rear, and the brain contents are suctioned out, allowing the head to collapse and be ‘delivered’ more easily, and ensuring the baby is dead upon ‘delivery’:
    In 1997 Sen. Kennedy voted ‘nay’ a second time on a similar bill:
    In 2003 he voted ‘nay’ a third time:
    (I did not research his votes on the re-vote attempts to override Bill Clinton’s vetoes after the first two.)

  8. “Idunno”, your comment is duly noted.

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