Caging List Figure to Dig Opposition Research on Obama

Tim Griffin initiated caging lists against Blacks in the military and elsewhere (among other things)  to make sure the 2004 election went for George W. Bush.

TPM  has the latest:

The Republican National Committee is hiring one of the party’s toughest oppo-researchers — former Karl Rove protege Tim Griffin, who was also at the center of the U.S. Attorney scandal — to dig into Barack Obama’s past and unearth info to damage his general election candidacy, a senior Republican operative confirms to me.


“Griffin is basically going to consult for the Republican National Committee on working out Obama’s vulnerabilities,” the senior Republican said, somewhat euphemistically. “The hope is to do to Obama what folks successfully did with John Kerry.”


~ by kstreet67 on May 22, 2008.

One Response to “Caging List Figure to Dig Opposition Research on Obama”

  1. This is no real surprise, is it?
    At least Obama strikes back immediately after Clinton or McCain accuse him of something. And if Griffin tries to slide something grotesque (like internet rumors) into the media, he’ll get called on it. At least I hope so.

    Unfortunately, Hillary Clinton has already made it easier for the Republicans to achieve their ends–to discredit Obama.

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